Watermelon Glass Experiences

A number of years ago, my wife and I took a trip to Colorado. We saw some glasses in a shop that had watermelons imprinted completely around the glass.  We bought them as a nice reminder of our trip and for years we simply called them the watermelon glasses.

One summer day I asked my son if he would please get me a glass of iced tea in a watermelon glass.

“What watermelon glass?” he asked.
“You know, the ones with the watermelons on the glasses, they’re right on the shelf!” I responded.
“Dad, there are no glasses on the shelf with watermelons on them,” he sighed.
I jumped up, ran to the shelf, and grabbed a watermelon glass. “These watermelon glasses.  Can’t you see the watermelons?”
“Dad, those are apples.”

He was right. They were apples.  Glasses that I had used for years, glasses I had called watermelon glasses for years, were glasses with apple slices.

We continually need to be open to new ways and new ideas. Sometimes things ideas or we have thought for years, simply are not true.  So hopefully I will continue to live life letting go of well-ingrained ideas.   Having watermelon glass experiences.

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