That’s Not Fair

Remember a time when your kids or your siblings or your friend said, “That’s not fair.”  It was usually related to something substantive like someone got a bigger piece of cake.

I was watching a news story on a child with cancer and thought that’s REALLY not fair.   So what is really not fair?

  • When your heat/air can’t be adjusted right or living under a bridge?
  • In between seasons with your clothes or wearing the same clothes between washes?
  • Having to untangle ear buds/jewelry or not having hands?
  • Being tired of leftovers or being tired from not eating?
  • Waiting in traffic or walking to work?
  • Someone getting a bigger piece of cake.

2 thoughts on “That’s Not Fair

  1. You hit it right on target AGAIN!!! What is fair? The one word that I detest in advertising I see everywhere is “deserve”. We “deserve” the best, we “deserve” to be happy, we “deserve” nice furniture. How did we come to feel so entitled? That bigger piece of cake!!!

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